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 I have been working in the IT field for over twenty years.  

In addition to spending time with my beautiful wife and two lovely daughters,  I enjoy practicing the guitar, Tae Kwon Do, reading, and grilling out  I am always trying to plan the perfect road-trip with my family.  Hopefully there will be coffee.

The purpose of this blog is to journal my experience in the IT field and hopefully provide a useful guide to those doing likewise.  And to journal my random musings on technology, computers, or whatever else strikes my fancy.  Adult ADD FTW!!!!  Ohhh...look...something shiny....


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The best thing since CTRL+C and CTRL+V

I learned about cut and paste way back when in Windows 3.1.  Its use was a lot less prevalent back then as apps seemed to be more compartmentalized back then.  But the cut and paste functionality was huge in it's power.  The ability to take data from one piece of software and move it en masse to another with two key strokes was a huge development and I feel it was one of the primary factors in the success of the personal PC.

That's why I still find it so amazing how many people still don't use this powerful and time saving feature more.  (Worst still is not using the alt-tab feature to scroll through windows versus closing them, which I still see people to all the time.  I have many end users that still won't use this feature despite my pointing it out and every opportunity.)

I didn't really think anything could beat the cut and paste feature, but there might be a contender...The Snipping Tool.  I recently learned about the snipping tool from a colleague.  It was in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and now in Windows 8.  (I am using it currently in Windows 7.  I never really used Windows Vista enough to find this feature for a number of reasons that are noted ad nauseum on the internet.)

Anyway, I have longe used the alt+prnt-scrn key and the ctrl+V key to copy and paste screen shots into emails, word documents, etc.  The downside to this was always that if I wanted to grab a particular part of a screen or window, I need to get the screen shot and then put it into some type of editing program like MS Paint and the clip the part I needed.  I have tried various screen shot programs, but none really seemed to do the job.

Thankfully those days are gone.  The Snipping tool allows you to clip just part of the screen you want and then paste it into whatever program you like (like word or Outlook email.)  The one downside however is that it doesn't have a nifty keyboard shortcut like cut and past or alt+tab.  But that is easily fixed.

1. Click "Start" and in the search box, type "Snipping Tool" in the search box.


2. On the Snipping Tool in the search results, right-click to bring up the context menu and select "Properties."












3.  In the Properties, in the Shortcut field, select a key to associate with the Snipping Tool.  I chose Z

because I can do it easily with the left hand and it is close to the CTRL+C and CTRL+V.  Once that is done you can easily bring up the snipping tool quickly and easily and it can make putting screen shots in documents and emails (and Evernote) very easy to do.

Hope you find this as useful and as big of a time saver as I did.

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    The best thing since CTRL+C and CTRL+V - Journal - /ReBoot.com
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    The best thing since CTRL+C and CTRL+V - Journal - /ReBoot.com

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