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 I have been working in the IT field for over twenty years.  

In addition to spending time with my beautiful wife and two lovely daughters,  I enjoy practicing the guitar, Tae Kwon Do, reading, and grilling out  I am always trying to plan the perfect road-trip with my family.  Hopefully there will be coffee.

The purpose of this blog is to journal my experience in the IT field and hopefully provide a useful guide to those doing likewise.  And to journal my random musings on technology, computers, or whatever else strikes my fancy.  Adult ADD FTW!!!!  Ohhh...look...something shiny....


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Caesar's Palace...not quite "the Hangover" hotel.

I am staying this week at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.  In my role at my company it seems pretty apparent that, as our western branches expand, my visits will become more and more frequent.  So I have decided to  try staying in all the major hotels on the strip.

This far I have stayed at only two, the MGM Grand and the Hard Rock Hotel.

For comparison sake, my first hotel that I stayed in on the strip was the Hard Rock (which technically isn’t on the strip, but close enough for my purposes.)  So all comparisons are pretty much using that as a reference point.  I really enjoyed my stay at the HRH.

The room rate at Caesar’s was $120 for a room with one King Sized bed. 

I arrived at around 11 AM.  The lobby was fairly empty and this was about the last time I would see it like this.  Otherwise it was pretty much constantly packed.  I felt sorry for the pour souls standing in line 10-15 deep waiting to check in.  Perhaps it was because of EDC being this particular weekend, but I suspect that is not the case.

The staff was friendly, but their directions to my tower (Roman) were woefully inadequate and the maps around the hotel weren’t much help either.  I finally wandered around enough and found my elevators.

At this point it might be good to mention that the size of this place is just enormous.  For the first three days I was constantly getting lost.  I have heard that the designers of casino do this on purpose.  And brother, I’m here to tell you, it works.

The room was fairly small in comparison the on one at HRH.  The décor was fairly dated and the 19” televisions (one in the main room and one in the bed room) were old tube type televisions.  That mattered little as the picture was so poor, it wasn’t really worth watching anyway (which, in reality, may be by design.  They probably don’t want you spending a whole lot of time in the room I imagine.)

The bed was clean and comfortable, but the air conditioning was loud and ran constantly. 

The hotel hallways were in need of cleaning and touchup on paint and such and often glasses and room service trays stayed a couple of days.

The shower and towels were insane and probably my favorite part of the room.  Nice fluffy towel and the water pressure in the shower was awesome.

Finally parking was a nightmare.  The first night I used the valet, which was fine.  But every time I tried to use it after 4 PM, the valet lot was full.  After the fourth day, I abandoned even trying using the valet and parked in self-parking instead.  That posed it’s own issues, as often as now, I ended up parking so far away from my room, it would take 20+ minutes to get from my car to my room.

Over all, it would be okay for a short weekend stay, but stay again nor I wouldn’t recommend Caesar’s Palace.

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